Junett Community Garden

Junett Community Garden is a relatively new site in the Harvest Pierce County community garden system. Junett Community Garden is a place where North Tacoma residents can find space and some open sky for growing their own vegetables, fruits and flowers. It is built on former city land and run by its members. It was build several years ago on a former Tacoma Light transformer site (it has tested clean!). Boxes 24′ x 4′ and 18″ deep hold two plots each for a total of 64 plots, all filled with Tagro. Additionally, there are communal beds for fruit and berries, an herb bed, a native plant nursery, a food bank bed. It has an on-site shed and will soon have a propagation greenhouse, a cleaning sink, and a worm bin demonstration. Watering is done with a built-in drip irrigation system.  The garden also takes advantage of our mild off-season growing climate with many hoop houses in conjunction with study groups for growing food year-round. Reservations for a plot can be made by contacting junettgarden@gmail.com or by using a contact form on the “Join Us!” web page.

    We encourage our gardeners to take advantage of workshops, help with the work days, attend gazebo pot-luck dinners, and to attend  spring  and fall general membership meetings to be informed and ensure gardening success. Junett Garden is a COMMUNITY garden, and our meetings are one of the few times in the year that we can all come together as a community.

Here is a site map:   Junett Plot map w/o names

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