Junett Community Garden

As the winds waft away the February freeze we can spot the unmistakable signs of spring — Hellebores are in full bloom, Red and yellow Primrose blossoms surprise us with their vivid color, while Clematis and Abelia buds gleam bright green as they threaten to burst into fast-growing vines. Everywhere spring is announcing its early arrival.
    And for those of us planting edibles, much preparation is underway. By now you are probably poring over seed catalogs or perhaps you have your seeds in hand. Those with greenhouse facilities (even a warm enclosed front porch) may have already planted cool weather greens like chard, kale and peas. If you haven’t yet dug into the soil, rest assured there is still plenty of time. Soon, deliveries of Tagro and compost at the Garden gate will urge you on.
    We encourage you to take advantage of the workshops, help with the workdays, and attend the upcoming spring meeting to ensure you are fully informed for great gardening success. We look forward to seeing you all there. Remember, Junett Garden is a COMMUNITY garden, and our meetings are one of the few times in the year that we can all come together as a community. John B. has once again kindly opened his home as a venue for our meeting, so bring a snack, a good attitude, and a determination to be an active part of our wonderful neighborhood group. See you there on Wednesday evening, March 5th!

Junett Community Garden is a place where North Tacoma residents can find space and some open sky for growing their own vegetables, fruits and flowers. It is built on former city land and run by its members.The garden uses organic materials and practices. It has composting facilities and will have drip irrigation. It has communal beds for fruits, berries, hops production, the food bank, and native plants for the community park next door. It has a shed on the premises.

Empty plots are now available for current Junett gardeners and then open for new gardeners.

Stay tuned! See plot locations here:   Junett Plot map w/o names

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